Michael Phillips is the CFO of PHILLIPS Enterprises, a real estate acquisition and management company specializing in student housing.

With nearly a decade of experience in Corporate Finance at major financial institutions, Michael has gained invaluable experience during his tenure working in a highly complex role at the center of a global institution during the financial crisis. He has been directly involved in shoring up bank balance sheets through equity raises and material earnings generation from liability management exercises.

Recently, as Vice President of the Global Funding team under the CFO for Bank of America, his primary responsibilities included portfolio risk management and hedge execution for the parent holding company and bank. Michael previously served as a macro strategy, global fixed income and currency markets trader, managing the risks of a multi-billion dollar portfolio of bank liabilities and foreign invested capital.

Michael is a graduate of the University of Virginia, McIntire School of Commerce, where he holds dual concentrations in Finance and Management, with a minor in Economics. His experience managing financials and exercising prudent risk management disciplines, combined with his international macro exposure and leadership roles make him a strong member of the PHILLIPS executive team.